July, 2020

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July, 2020
Still nervous about Covid-19 and hesitant to take part in a group self-defense class?
We’ve got you covered!
We are offering private, one-on-one training and family training for your household.
Yes, we make house calls!

Call 440-463-5022 for details and pricing.
6 Strategies to Avoid Becoming a Victim of This Senseless Crime
1.  Never break check or ride someone’s bumper because you feel slighted.  There is no upside and it will further escalate the situation.

2.  Avoid pulling up to the car in front of you at red lights.  Leave enough room so you can turn left or right if you need to escape.

3.  If someone flipping the middle finger, honking or cussing makes you want to retaliate, then that might be your ego talking.  Not responding to childish vulgar acts isn’t a sign of weakness.  It’s a sign of intelligence.  Ego is a poor substitute for intelligence, so keep it in check and move on.

4.  Never get out of your car.  If someone gets out of their car and begins to approach yours, you should lock the doors, roll up your windows and call 911.  This way, you will not be engaging the other driver.  Give the police a description of the driver and vehicle.  You are in a very secure place inside your vehicle.

5. Never follow someone.  What’s the upside of doing that?  Nothing! Let’s say they stopped, got out and kicked out your head light and ran back to their car and took off.  Chasing them would only escalate the situation.  People get killed over the most minor of events.  Take a picture with your smart phone and file a police report.  Their license plate will lead them right to their front door.

6.  If you are being harassed, followed or fear becoming the victim of road rage, pull into a very public place.  Don’t just pull into the Walmart, grocery store, or Home Depot parking lot.  Pull right up to the front door so there are lot’s of witnesses.  Keep the doors locked, and wait for police.
Several months ago, C.O.B.R.A. Defense Mentor’s Google Business listing was compromised!  Although we were able to recreate the page, we lost all of the wonderful reviews our client’s had written over the past three years.

As we rebuild our business following the pandemic, we NEED your reviews!

If you have taken one of our classes (even if it was three years ago), please write a review of your experience with us.  Even if you don’t feel “chatty”, no words are needed, just give us a five star review please!  These review are so important to our business.

We appreciate your support and appreciate you helping to spread the word about C.O.B.R.A. Defense Mentor.  

To write a review, type in “self defense mentor” in the Google search bar.  When the results come up, click on “COBRA Defense Mentor”.  Then, click on the “Write a Review” button directly under the picture.
Thank You!
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