C.O.B.R.A – CAP / Child Abduction Prevention

Reality For Kids

Parents, here are several facts that we do not like to admit are true but we cannot deny:

  • Most attackers will not be hurt by simple kicks or punches from children ages 4-12
  • Children are soft targets and easy prey
  • Self defense courses are not required during general or higher education/schooling. (However Art & Home Economics are.)
  • Cell phones are useless in saving a child. 99% of victims cannot retrieve and/or complete a call during a dangerous situation.


This course was born out of our C.O.B.R.A Kids program and was developed by Glenn Stevens COBRA Owner Australia and targets kids ages 4-12 years old.

Class details

In just a few hours they will participate and learn:

  • Who can be a threat
  • How to respond to a threat
  • What not to do and why
  • Physical techniques against an adult attacker
  • How to verbalize in a threatening situation
  • Abduction prevention techniques
  • Vehicle Abduction prevention
  • Role playing
  • 911 scenario drills