Class Reviews March 24

This past Saturday March 24 Cobra Defense Mentor held a Teen Safety class and a Ladies Night out event.  Below are a few reviews from the classes.  We are always posting new classes so go to the start date tab and view what is coming up.  I like to ask you what is holding you back?  Who will be there if something happens to you?  I talk with a lot of people that say “it won’t happen to me”, “I have him to protect me”, “That is not for me”.  Please do not think that way.  All our programs can be done by anyone from ages 6 and up.  Don’t wait until something happens to you and then you decide you need to take a class.  As you can see from the reviews these people who were proactive and really enjoyed the class and are better prepared if something would happen.

Great class!! Very informative!! Lots of information and hands on, which is great! He offers individual and group/ corporate classes. EVERYONE should take this class! You just never know when you may need self defense skills. So glad I did this.
My son and daughter both learned a lot in the Teen Safe program. While the thought of them ever needing to use it still scares me, I have more peace of mind with their ability to handle the situation. The strategies they learned to avoid being a target are priceless. The techniques they learned to protect themselves are age-appropriate and effective. I highly recommend the class and the instructor. Money and time well spent!
I am so glad I went to the class. Very informative and fun to take. Showed us some hands on moves and how to get out of some situations. I recommend it for every woman. Doesn’t hurt to have the information and knowledge of faces with a bad situation.