Ohio Operation Safety Net ~ Human Trafficking Results

Ohio’s Operation Safety Net released their Human Trafficking results yesterday and 177 were arrested, 109 individuals saved from Human Trafficking which 45 of those were children. Human Trafficking is real along with other crimes against individuals these days.

When I talk to people at trade / craft shows about what we do, we hear “Oh I will never need this kind of training because I carry pepper spray or I have a CCW permit or some other type of excuse”. Well believe it not not most people cannot access these items when the need arises or they are taken away from them and used on them.

Are you prepared to defend yourself if something would happen to you? We offer several different options to meet your needs. These classes range from a 3 hour class, 1 day class, 5 week or 10 week classes to even personalized training for you / family or a friend.

Visit our website at cobradefensementor.com and click on the Upcoming Class Tab or give me a call at 440-463-5022. Our classes also make great Christmas presents if you are looking for something different to get your love one.