Are you able to defend yourself if this happened to you!

Ok Ladies you need to read this and are you prepared to defend yourself like this person did if this would ever happen to you. Your life is in your hands and only you can help yourself. She must have taken some type of class to come out on the positive side of all this.
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Media Release. Assault. On August 1, 2017 at approximately 1 pm, Clive Police responded to an assault victim on the Greenbelt Trail.
An 18 year female was approached by a male along the Greenbelt Trail, just east of the trail bridge over Walnut Creek near Campbell Park. He tried to get her to accompany him off the trail. She refused. He produced a handgun and pointed it at her. He grabbed her and tried to force her into the wooded area. She fought back against the suspect. While fighting against him, she forced the gun out of his hand. It landed in the wooded area.