April 17, 2019 Class review

This makes what I do all worth while. Here is a email I received today ref a class I conducted last night for a major company here in Lake Co Ohio.

Message Body:
Just wanted to send you the post I put on our internal system this morning! Thanks for a great class!!

Last night, after work, I joined a group of fellow employees, their families and friends, to hear a presentation from COBRA Self Defense in Mentor. After a very eye opening presentation, we were moved to the North Conference room, where the tables were pushed aside and we met poor “Bob” the demonstration attacker…and although poor Seth took the brunt of the demonstrations, we all used each other to learn some great techniques for escaping an altercation, with fun names like ‘stepping off the tracks’, ‘double C-strike to the eyes’ (EW!), ‘wrist escapes’, and the ever laughable ‘shop for fruit technique’, we all became more confident in the ‘moves’. We were ushered outside to learn about ways to stop a car abduction or attempted theft. If you have a teen, college student, or interest in this class, I encourage you to take a class – they are offered through their website. I must say it was a very eye-opening experience, and I feel more confident in the knowledge I learned. I hope the rest of our participants do as well!